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Hi, My Name Is Adam Truszkowski!

I’ve lived my life in the SEO and Marketing fields for the past 15+ years. I’ve also designed and built hundreds of websites over that time period. I’ve been blessed (or cursed) with the analytical left brain AND the creative right brain at the same time. 

This has allowed me to create award winning ad campaigns and highly successful marketing funnels. It has also lead me to learn as much as I can about creating killer content and utilizing it on the web. If you’re looking for answers, I’ve found many. 

Some Clients I've Worked With

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Digital Marketing

I've spent years managing millions in marketing budgets. Search. FB ads. Pre-rolls. Retargeting. I've got some Aces up my sleeve to help my clients succeed.

SEO / Content creation

From on-page, site, and high quality link building to content writing I can boost your rankings without "questionable" practices. Where do you want to start?

Project management

Have an overall goal and need someone to manage a team, or even assemble one? Having a varied background allows me to easily jump between teams.


As tech makes grabbing marketshare easier, the most important piece is the Brand. It's what brings customers back. Let's lock yours down.

wordpress development

It started out of necessity but has become a love. With 100+ builds, I'd love to help you "hang your sign" on the Internet... or just clean up your current digital home.

business building

I've built a handful of businesses in varying industries as well as helped orchestrate a few exits. Let's set your goals and get to your finish-line.

some recommendations
For me, Adam Truszkowski.

Adam and I were in a program together at Landmark and I really got a chance to know him. Adam is a very genuine, caring, creative and hardworking person who goes out of his way to help others. He's very business savvy and cares about the people he works with. I highly recommend him.
Robert Haines
CSM @ FrontSpin
Adam is an exceptional marketer with a broad range of experience including SEO, social media, branding, direct marketing and inbound marketing channels. He successfully managed several projects for us, and continuously went above and beyond to ensure our needs were met. I found his overall knowledge and passion as a creator, marketer and entrepreneur to be truly inspiring. He is a highly motivated guy with a 'think big, follow your dream' attitude. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.
John Pirrie
John Pirrie
Vice President of Product
at SecureNet Technologies
I've worked with Adam since he was at AdOn. By far one of the hardest working, creative and motivated guys I have ever met. He continues to impress me with his knowledge of the industry as well as his ideas for future growth. I highly recommend him!
Jason Kuipers
Oldest Bro At ZOX