Digital Consultant

Adam Truszkowski Head Shot

Accomplishments / Accolades


Established and grew a Digital Marketing Agency from an initial $2500 investment into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Supporting clients including Mashable, Entrepreneur, Swagbucks and other established names.


Orchestrated and managed a client trade show / site rebuild / and marketing program outside the scope of company abilities.
This increased revenue and valuation of employer resulting in a high 8 figure exit.


Helped companies from start-ups and non-profits to fortune 1000’s develop, implement, systematize, and manage marketing campaigns. Focusing on actionable data tracking and cost reduction practices. 

***More examples can be shared over a cup of coffee***

About Me

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”Anthony J. D’Angelo

12 or so years ago I took a position at a “dotcom” company and felt overwhelmed and out of place the first week. 

By the end of that first week I realized that I had found something special and I vowed to become as knowledgeable as I could with all things “online.”

From that initial experience I’ve been on a journey to learn constantly and improve my skill set while helping businesses utilize my knowledge and experience to help them profit and grow. 

Education / Certifications


BA Communications University Of Dayton


Google Certified Partner


ClickMinded Certified SEO Specialist


Scientific Tester For SIA

(SEO Intelligence Agency)


Senior Rank Strategist For High Voltage SEO


Digital Marketing
Site Developement
Direct Response / Copy
Photography / Video Production
Business Building
Exit Negotiations


I’m currently taking on clients with my data driven agency.
Check out Painted Brick Digital to find out more!

Fun Facts

I love making ideas a reality.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Asia sourcing materials, suppliers, and manufacturers for clients and personal projects.

I'm hands-on.

My love of motorcycles started after I decided to overcome a fear of riding. I tend to face the things I fear head on. Which has led me to buy a vintage motorcycle which am in the process of assembling.

I have an eye for detail.

I’m a professional photographer and over the past 11+ years I’ve been published in international fashion magazines. During that same period I’ve worked with Advertising Agencies in Arizona, California, and New York.

I'm not my Instagram profile.

I’m a Jedi when it comes to finding influencers to help my clients, but I personally don’t spend too much time there on my own. There’s something to be said about a real, human, connection. 

I Also Ran A Production Studio For Several Years.

I started off as a studio manager for another company that specialized in online content.
After about a year I ended up buying out that wing of the company and turning it into a

full time commercial photography / video production company. 
I still do project work from time to time for clients.

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