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Accomplishments / Accolades


Established and grew a Digital Marketing Agency from an initial $2500 investment into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Supporting clients including Mashable, Entrepreneur, Swagbucks and other established names.


Orchestrated and managed a client trade show / site rebuild / and marketing program outside the scope of company abilities.
This increased revenue and valuation of employer resulting in a high 8 figure exit.


Helped companies from start-ups and non-profits to fortune 1000’s develop, implement, systematize, and manage marketing campaigns. Focusing on actionable data tracking and cost reduction practices. 

***More examples can be shared over a cup of coffee***

About Me

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”Anthony J. D’Angelo

12 or so years ago I took a position at a “dotcom” company and felt overwhelmed and out of place the first week. 

By the end of that first week I realized that I had found something special and I vowed to become as knowledgeable as I could with all things “online.”

From that initial experience I’ve been on a journey to learn constantly and improve my skill set while helping businesses utilize my knowledge and experience to help them profit and grow. 

Education / Certifications


BA Communications University Of Dayton


Google Certified Partner


ClickMinded Certified SEO Specialist


Scientific Tester For SIA

(SEO Intelligence Agency)


Digital Marketing
Site Developement
Direct Response / Copy
Photography / Video Production
Business Building
Exit Negotiations


  • truszkowski.adam(AT)
  • 623.529.1494

I’m currently taking on clients with my data driven agency.
Check out Painted Brick Digital to find out more!

Fun Facts

I love making ideas a reality.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Asia sourcing materials, suppliers, and manufacturers for clients and personal projects.

I'm hands-on.

My love of motorcycles started after I decided to overcome a fear of riding. I tend to face the things I fear head on. Which has led me to buy a vintage motorcycle which am in the process of assembling.

I have an eye for detail.

I’m a professional photographer and over the past 11+ years I’ve been published in international fashion magazines. During that same period I’ve worked with Advertising Agencies in Arizona, California, and New York.

I'm not my Instagram profile.

I’m a Jedi when it comes to finding influencers to help my clients, but I personally don’t spend too much time there on my own. There’s something to be said about a real, human, connection. 

I Also Ran A Production Studio For Several Years.

I started off as a studio manager for another company that specialized in online content.
After about a year I ended up buying out that wing of the company and turning it into a

full time commercial photography / video production company. 
I still do project work from time to time for clients.

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