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Soon To Be Swinging On The Beach Living That Blogging Lifestyle

Okay, maybe not the hammock on the beach blogging lifestyle, but I am going to be dropping little bits of opinion and knowledge here from time to time moving forward.

However, when I do make it big, I’ll be sure to share my lifestyle blogging ideas with you post haste!
Living that blogging lifestyle


What You Might Expect

So, this will be an outlet for my mind from time to time. This is my personal blog so it will cover all the creative things that I can muster that don’t fit into the categories of other sites I contribute to. I’m really not planning on writing any topics under lifestyle if you will, but since it will be about my life, you may catch a few.

In reality, some things you might expect me to blog about moving forward:

  • Marketing
  • Applications
  • Photography/Videography
  • Business
  • Mindset
  • Hustle
  • My Dog
  • Good Books
  • Copy Writing
  • Buyer Psychology
  • Great Podcasts

…and the list goes on.

Why Should You Care?

You shouldn’t.

But, if you ever find this post, know that I will try to make them as informative and/or entertaining as I possibly can.
Juggling fire to entertain

See ^^^ that’s entertaining! Glad I can be of service!

Being Selfish About My Blogging

The main reason I want to start blogging here from time to time is to get better a writing. I do a ton of writing day-to-day, but it’s very rigid in the structure and content.

This blog will follow a much looser format meant to be an outlet and not a content marketing strategy… (or is it?!)

As far as living that blogging lifestyle, I don’t know if this site is meant for, or will ever achieve that freedom. It’s simply an outlet for me to connect with you if you ever happen to come across this site.

If you have found this… welcome. I hope you’ve found some insight or actionable information as well.

If not, let me know what you want to hear more of, and I’ll add it to my very short list of ideas.

Where’s My Drink?

Now, since I’m living that blogging lifestyle with my laptop in my lap in a hammock on the beach, excuse me while I flag down the waiter and daydream off into oblivion… I mean, what else is there to do when you retired at 19?

I hope to see you again, as soon as I get more blogging content worth reading up!

Adam Truszkowski

Adam is a digital veteran, early adopter, brand and business builder, and former unfulfilled Pog collector. (Actually, I've never owned Pogs.) With decades of knowledge and experience in online advertising and consumer behavior, he aims to spread the knowledge he's collected with any and all who will listen. He's also the creator of Painted Brick Digital in Scottsdale Arizona, an agency that helps clients push through the 8+ figure mark.

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